Nationwide Marketing Group

Nationwide Marketing Group is the headline sponsor of the Dos Marcos podcast.

With over 5,500 members operating more than 14,000 storefronts, Nationwide Marketing Group is the largest buying, marketing, and business support organization for the major appliance, consumer electronics, furniture, bedding, flooring, and outdoor industries.

Representing billions in combined annual sales, Nationwide Marketing Group members have the scale, technological sophistication, and efficiencies needed to compete without sacrificing the freedom to do business on their own terms.

Nationwide members get instant access to more than 200 ambitious, entrepreneurial-minded advocates who are dedicated to helping their business thrive.


PureCare designs essential elements like sheets, pillows, and mattress protectors that are necessary to create a healthy sleep environment.

PureCare’s mission is to design unique products that incorporate technical textiles which help people create a haven of comfort and hygiene in their sleep environments.

The PureCare team is proud to manufacture the official mattress and pillow protectors of both the National Sleep Foundation  and the Woman’s Choice Award

The galaxy's greatest bedding podcast.

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