Serta Simmons (SSB) Slashes 160+ Jobs

Serta Simmons Bedding (SSB) announced the elimination of more than 160 jobs.

Is this mattress major in a death spiral, or will the restructuring lead to a healthy company? 

In this episode, Dos Marcos talk about Quinn’s blog post from 2014 where he outlines the reasons an industry outsider won’t make it in the mattress business.

Did Michael Traub ignore that cautionary advice, or has the culture clash from combining Serta and Simmons been too much to correct?

To anyone who lost a job at SSB, the crew from Dos Marcos wishes you all the best in your transition. If there’s anything we can do to help, please send us a message. 

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Astronauts and NBA Players

The National Sleep Foundation held its first ever Sleep Show in Houston, Texas.

During the trip, Mark Quinn hung out with an astronaut and a Houston Rockets NBA player.

Also, at the Sleep Show there was bull riding, a Shark Tank style pitch event, and new innovations in the sleep space.

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Making Bold Moves to Promote Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) is hosting a big event March 8-10, 2019 in Houston, Texas.

The NSF is bringing consumers closer to all that’s unfolding in the dynamic world of sleep and the products designed to bring better rest to the world.

Mark Quinn is speaking at the event and hosting an awards ceremony.

In this episode, Dos Marcos preview the topics which includes a co-hosted presentation with Michael Magnuson from where they’ll talk about bad review sites and the “underbelly of the internet.” 

Find out what the Sleep Show is all about and why it matters to the mattress industry.  To watch this episode and share your comments, head to

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Evils of Nectar’s Forever Warranty at Retail

Like many digitally native brands, Nectar started by selling online.

Recently, the upstart moved into retail and started selling at Mattress Warehouse’s 250 stores. Nectar guarantees their product “for as long as you own the mattress.”

In this episode Dos Marcos dig into the impact on retailers and RSAs when navigating the sale of a lifetime warranty.

Will consumers be confused why a $3,500 mattress has a 10-year warranty while the $699 Nectar has a forever guarantee?

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11 Brainstorm Ideas for Attracting Store Traffic

Over the past few months retailers say traffic is down. “How do we swing the door? What can I do to bring in more potential customers?”

In this episode, Dos Marcos did a quick brainstorm to generate 11 ideas you can use to bring more foot traffic to your store.

Use this episode as a jumping off point. Bring your team together and come up with your own creative ways to get people to visit your store and sell more beds.

All the Dirt from the Desert

In this episode, Dos Marcos recap rumors and happenings from Las Vegas Market.

Kinsley started his new job as President of Englander. Quinn launched an all new line up under the Spink & Co. brand.

Also, find out what retailers were frustrated with and get the inside scoop on the future of the podcast. Be sure to listen toward the end for a few grandpa jokes.

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